Without the hype and cost of big consulting firms, we help you do what you want to do. We do it with smarter people and smaller invoices. We have been doing it for over twenty years. We’re not famous. But we are truly and exceptionally talented. Maybe we can help you to become exceptionally successful? It will cost you nothing to talk to us and find out.

We have helped our clients with

Corporate Strategy

A good strategy requires brilliant thinking.  We teach you how to think. Thinking generates possibilities.  We show you how to decide. Your decisions have to be implemented.  We provide you with clever tools to do it.  What’s more, we make it fun.


This is the most poorly executed component of commercial and government life.  Individuals, as well as organisations, under-perform in front of their ‘audience’ (particularly in meetings). We teach you how to communicate persuasively.

Sales Strategy

Whether you are selling a product, a service, or a government policy you need to construct a persuasive proposition; craft a convincing message; train your messengers. We help you do all three. You can also draw on our extensive experience with competitive pitches.

Research & Analysis

It ain’t what folk don’t know that’s the problem, it’s what they know that isn’t so.” Too many decisions are made on the basis of inadequately formulated and poorly interpreted research. Susan has been teaching research & analysis skills to planners and analysts (and postgrads) for decades.

Executive Education

We design and deliver specialised programs for senior executives and middle managers. We focus on critical skills – such as strategising, communicating and negotiating – and we do it exceptionally well.


Sometimes you need someone to advise you how to set things right.  You might even need to delegate a sensitive task and know it will be handled expertly and discreetly, e.g. isolating the source of a problem; avoiding litigation; negotiating a resolution.

 Executive Advisory

This goes way beyond “business coaching”.  Susan Alexander provides confidential one-on-one ‘spare brain’ support. She transfers knowledge and experience in a way that enhances your own capabilities. She will help you ‘think out loud’ and choose your best course of action.