How would your organisation fare if everyone in it adopted the following credo?

“I will not perform any actions until I’m convinced that they’re right and sensible ones.”

It is not a manifesto for insubordination in the workplace and conflict in the boardroom. It is the foundation of sound management practice. What it does is place an obligation on managers and leaders to communicate in a clear and meaningful way with the people around them, especially if they expect them to carry out their instructions and implement their plans.

People need to find meaning in what they do, however inconsequential that meaning might be to someone else. (Type “logotherapy” into your browser to see where a lot of business school thinking came from.)

When we know ‘why’ we are doing something we are more likely to accept the ‘what’ that goes with it. And we will often, of our own accord, find a better ‘how’ to make it much more successful.

Susan Alexander leads you through the art and science of right action.