How we work

Our clarity of thinking (when we’re figuring out what you want to achieve) and our straightforward (and very enjoyable) processes really will give you confidence to tackle just about anything.

Whether the end result you’re after is a great plan, a devilishly good document, or a riveting and persuasive speech (or all of that) we’ll get you there. We know what we’re doing. Which means that you will, too.

Step 1, of course, is to talk to us. In the first place that will be with Susan Alexander herself, perhaps in the company of a particular business associate depending on what you want to talk about. We work with a range of top-notch associates to address your specific needs. For example, we use Engage Communication to teach communication skills.

When we’re working with you, you get our full attention. (We do NOT send junior consultants to do the job.)